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Whittier North Carolina Personal Weather Station - Weather Station System Status

WNCweather.net Whittier North Carolinal Weather Station
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Web Server Status
Weather Display Version Number     10.37R   Build:  154
Weather Display was last restarted     1:04:00 AM 8/21/2014
Station Description   Personal Weather Station
Station Location   Whittier, North Carolina - United States
Station Longitude   0083:21:51
Station Latitude   035:24:44
Operating System   Windows 7 ultimate
Software up Time   8 Days 5 Hours 36 Minutes 17 Seconds
System free Memory   1879MB
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The current date and time is: 08/21/14 02:16:07 EDT

System Component Updated Time Time Since Update
Weather Station Real Time Live Data 08/21/14 02:15:39 EDT 28 sec
Weather Station Radar Image
Warning: filectime() [function.filectime]: stat failed for kmrx_cr248_0.png in /home/content/17/8938717/html/lastupdate.php on line 86
12/31/69 19:00:00 EST

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16303.3 days
Weather Station Conditions 08/21/14 02:15:10 EDT 57 sec
NWS Advisory / Warnings Report 08/21/14 02:00:38 EDT 15.5 min
Weather Station Forecast 08/21/14 01:15:37 EDT 1.0 hr
Weather Station Real Time Graphs 08/21/14 02:00:30 EDT 15.6 min
Webcam 1 Live 08/21/14 02:16:04 EDT 3 sec
Webcam 2 Animated Hour Critter Cam 08/21/14 01:17:57 EDT 58.2 min
Boltek Lightning Detector Status 08/21/14 02:13:50 EDT 2.3 min
Lightning Map 08/21/14 02:07:50 EDT 8.3 min
Lightning Data 08/21/14 02:13:49 EDT 2.3 min
WASP2 Lightning + Storm Network Map 08/21/14 01:46:19 EDT 29.8 min

Never base important decisions that could result in harm to people or property on this weather information.


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