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Thank-you for visiting our websites, and your interest in our web cams!

Information on how to access and operate the new camera

user name: visitor2
password: visitor
NOTE: case sensitive, all lower letters.

IMPORTANT: Once you access the link below, you will be prompted to download software from the camera.  This software must be installed in order to access the live feed and use the ptz (pan tilt zoom) functions of the camera.  Not all fuctions are operational, such as ptt (push to talk).

To access this camera, please click on the below image.


The new camera is a foscam FI9828W , for technical information, visit: http://foscam.us/products/foscam-fi9828w-ptz-wireless-ip-camera.html

The new camera is located on our property, and is mounted at our well pump house.  The camera is facing south when it loads, the mountains you see are approximatly 1/2 mile away, at an elevation of about 4,000'.  If you pan the camera to the west (to your right) you will see our house which is the east side and the upper entrance.  The log cabin you see by panning to the east is in the final stages of construction.  The builder of this home will have it completed in early 2015.  Unlike our current primary web cam, this camera has full night vision, so feel free to access the camera at night. 

At this time, due to it's location, the camera cannot pan any higher, we are working on a modification for this, which will allow for more view of the homes.

FINALLY, if you like what you see, please return to this page, and give us a like on face book, as there is a possibility this will become our primary web cam.  We are using a web service to stream the video from while testing, which means that transmissions may be limited.  Continuation of this feed will be dependant on it's use, your feed back (through the like or email) is appreciated.  So far we are quite pleased with the video quality.


Never base important decisions that could result in harm to people or property on this weather information.

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